Balletti Park Hotel & Resort is located in San Martino al Cimino in the province of Viterbo (Italy), a wonderful village that dates back to the 13th century when the Cistercian monks of Pontigny built the abbey.
In the 17th century, the architecture of the village was completely renovated thanks to Donna Olimpia Maidalchini, sister-in-law of Pope Innocent X. The Hotel & Resort is immersed in a centuries-old park, in a panoramic position and only 80 km from Rome.
IHC is very proud to have their partnership and is grateful for their precious trust and support.

Maria Chiara Balletti
(Chief Operating Officer)

We embrace the mission of the Italian Human Connections Association and are happy to collaborate by providing classrooms for workshops and educational programs, as well as technically equipped rooms for conferences and events.
We are also delighted to work together to facilitate human connections around the world through experiences of cultural exchanges and friendships.

Project Tuscia is a web portal that gives access to content, information, videos and images relating to the territory of Tuscia. In particular, the activity of Project Tuscia focuses on the documentation of archaeological, medieval and Renaissance sites, but also on the landscape and naturalistic beauties of the area.

Sigfrido Junior Hobel
(Chief Executive Officer of Project Tuscia)

I am the co-founder and advisor of Italian Human Connections and, in addition to carry out my work in support of the cultural activities promoted by the association, I am happy to offer the partnership of my portal with the aim to make to know the beauties of Tuscia and promote the cultural exchange in this area of Italy. I firmly believe in the importance of human relationships that also pass through the exchange of digital content for the benefit of users all over the world.

Our association has just been born but is growing fast. If you too want to join us in promoting Tuscia area and want to highlight your brand as an essential value for visitors, contact us and we will be happy to consider a collaboration. Please note that our association does not promote brands and does not sell products. All presentations that will be made over time by local companies and their best products, characteristic shops, artisans, artists, tour operators, tourist guides, etc., will have purely information and communication purposes.

Partner With Us

Communicating the beauty and excellence of our wonderful Tuscia to attract more and more visitors is our mission, and if you too have this vision and want to join us in this journey contact us at