Being a member of the IHC Association gives you many benefits and opportunities. Some of them are listed below while many others will be posted over time. Once you become a member, you too can give your contribution to bring new ideas to our big community. Thank you!

When you are in Italy (Tuscia), you can:

  • be part of an Italian community;
  • meet people or get a travel mate if you are a solo traveler;
  • join a local group of cyclists, runners, hikers, etc…
  • be invited to private events or family dinners;
  • participate in handicraft workshops, agricultural works, cooking classes, theater classes, and so on;
  • build lifelong friendships;
  • receive free support in case you need an Italian interpreter;
  • get to know tourist and environmental guides who speak English.

When you are in your own country, you can:

  • participate via Zoom in our reading group.
  • promote cultural exchanges in your city in collaboration with the IHC;
  • organize sports twinning or tournaments in your city in collaboration with IHC;
  • find clubs or associations in your area which might be interested in becoming partners of the IHC;
  • be in touch with the IHC to support and receive news.
  • And last but not least, you can actively participate to make this list longer and longer. Bring your ideas and make this association yours too. Welcome!

Please take note that some activities are limited due to Covid-19