Board of Directors

About Italian Human Connections Association (IHC)

Headquartered in Viterbo, Central Itay, Italian Human Connections is a non-profit Association which strives to promote Human Connections all around the world through the exchange of human relationships and friendships. It belongs to all those who believe in the values of friendship, brotherhood, and human connections.

Purpose and Activities of IHC

  • IHC wishes to partner with other international associations or clubs that pursue similar goals in order to create human connections between their respective local communities, also planning travels for reciprocal cultural exchanges.
  • IHC organizes on social media digital events such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, personal growth groups, reading groups, and so on, encouraging people from all over the world to participate.
  • IHC is committed to welcoming people in the area of Northern Lazio, Lower Tuscany, and Umbria providing all the support to build human relationships, friendships, and cultural exchange.
  • IHC aims to create international connections among like-minded adults and families from all around the world who wish to exchange hospitality, share cultural knowledge, build long-term friendships, and enjoy local experiences together.
  • IHC provides useful information on the area and works to make its beauties and opportunities known through articles, video reports, and brochures.
  • IHC answers questions about the area and offers extensive support for travel planning.
  • IHC facilitates Human Connections through participation in public and private events, handicraft workshops, agricultural works, cooking classes, theater classes, and so on.
  • IHC can create cultural, artistic, sports events, and other leisure activities.
  • IHC can organize travels for its members for cultural exchanges based on friendship and brotherhood
  • IHC can also pursue purposes of solidarity and social utility.
  • IHC does not promote brands and does not sell products. All presentations that will be made over time of local companies and their best products, characteristic shops, artisans, artists, tour operators, touristic guides, and so on, will be for information and communication purposes only.