Connecting Italian and American Artists Through Online Interaction and Participation in Collective Exhibitions

Initiative of IHC in collaboration with Via Degli Artisti, an annual street art exibition promoted by Giulio Della Rocca in Viterbo, Italy


  • Promoting Human Connections between Italy and the United States through art. Creating an opportunity for the exchange of human relationships and friendships between talented artists who collaborate to join a collective exhibition.


  • Make our association known in the United States;
  • Get new members;
  • Bringing together American and Italian artists to create cultural connections. Facilitate the exchange of friendships by also promoting artistic collaborations;
  • Invite American artists to Italy to participate in group exhibitions with their works;
  • Promote the mutual exchange of hospitality.


  • Giulia Marchetti (Project Creator);
  • Giulio Della Rocca (Project Partner);
  • Eric Heffner (Zoom Meeting Facilitator and Technical Manager);
  • Rita Passeri (Translator Manager).

Guide line

  • The theme of the exhibition is Human Connections;
  • Membership of the association is required to participate in the initiative;
  • Membership of the association for this initiative is free;
  • Italian and American artists meet online through Zoom invitation;
  • In the first Zoom meeting, Giulia Marchetti will briefly present the IHC association and the purpose of this Italian and American Artists Exhibition project;
  • Giulio della Rocca will give some information about Via Degli Artisti;
  • Eric Heffner will communicate the rules of the meeting in order to make participation smooth and enjoyable. He will be the facilitator and will also manage the technical activities, such as recording the meeting, which obviously will be authorized by those present;
  • The artists will introduce themselves and get to know each other;
  • Each artist will produce at the second meeting a work of art that contains the theme of Human Connections. The artwork can be created specifically for this project, or simply already be part of the artist’s repertoire;
  • Artists will also submit a short biography with a personal photo and a link to the website if they have one;
  • At the second meeting, everyone will present their own artwork;
  • The artists will send a well-made high-resolution photograph of the artwork, with title, measurements, and caption;
  • All these multimedia contents will be published on the specific page of the association’s website;
  • Each artist will have his or her own space within the website page;
  • A photo gallery will be the final exhibition and each work of art can be commented on by website visitors;
  • An e-book will also be produced as a downloadable digital catalog;
  • A video trailer will also be produced to tell the salient parts of this event. It will be also sponsored on Facebook;
  • This whole project will be presented at the great festival in Viterbo called Via Degli Artisti (StreetArt);
  • American artists will be invited to Viterbo to participate live in Via Degli Artisti;
  • If the artists cannot come, the photographs of their paintings will be digitally reproduced on canvas and exhibited;
  • The association will have its own stand in Via degli Artisti festival to show the artwork and the catalog of this digital project;
  • The artists will have the opportunity to connect with each other, and of course, to connect with other Italian artists if they will come to Italy for the art street event;
  • The artwork can also be purchased at the price set by the artist, paying him directly;
  • IHC and Via Degli Artisti will issue a certificate of participation to all artists;
  • If the artists are enthusiastic about this initiative, they can make a donation to the association to support new interesting initiatives.

Festival of Via Degli Artisti in Viterbo

Via degli Artisti is an exhibition of art, crafts, theater, literature, and music, set in the wonderful scenery of the squares and streets of the historic center of Viterbo.

Events coming up. Stay tuned!