Your most valuable asset is you, invest in yourself today for a better mind-body tomorrow

Hello, I am Susie, so lovely to meet you!

I am a mental health practitioner, behavioural therapist and a brain rehabilitation practitioner. I have degree in social science ( psychology and anthropology), Diploma’s in Computer Science, Autism and Dementia, Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Complex trauma, and currently studying Master’s in Dementia. I have many years of experience working in various therapeutic and leadership roles and throughly enjoy my work. I am a social scientist and an Anthropologist.

I am Indian-Fijian Australian. I have lived in Australia for over 30 years. I love written words and how a word can transform you to another reality you may not have considered before or romanticise an awareness previously unavailable to you.

I love learning, reading books, watching movies, travelling, driving long distances and cooking. I enjoy empowering people and facilitating workshops. I look forward to joining you in our new adventure of personal development, empowerment and resilience.

I invite you to explore your wellness and become curious about the languages of your brain and body. I wish you good health and flourishing wellbeing.

Namaste, Susie xo

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Building better relationships with food

  • Why is food more important in the time of Corona Virus for your wellbeing?
  • How to build a better relationship with your food.
  • What is food intelligence? 

Building better connections with your sleep

  • Why is sleep so important for your health?
  • How to get a good night’s sleep
  • Check your sleep wellbeing guide and  tool

Building better friendship with your mind

  • Why is brain care so important?
  • How to build yourself a better brain
  • Check your brain fitness guide and tool

We will be adding more courses and workshops in the coming months