Giulia MarchettiFounder and President

Giulia loves to travel and is always looking for new emotions and new adventures. The United States has been one of her favorite destinations for over 10 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Sciences of Communications and loves to use her skills to give public lectures on historical and current topics or to create new human relationships. Her lifestyle is centered on sports, healthy eating, yoga, meditation and studying. Though, she believes that beyond these good healthy habits, only human connections have the absolute power to raise one’s existence to a higher level. She loves animals and has a deep synergy with cats. She is the Founder of IHC and creator of this blog.

Pier luca BallettiCo-founder and Vice President

Pier Luca is originally from Viterbo (Italy) and has a Master’s Degree in Economics. He is an entrepreneur in the construction and real estate field as well as being President of Federalalberghi di Viterbo (Federations of Hotels) and engaged in the management of family hotels and resorts. He is a lover of biking and mountain biking and is always looking for new paths and itineraries to train for cycling races. Photography is one of his hobbies, but given his dedication it seems to be becoming much more than just a hobby.

Gloria BernabucciCo-founder and Secretary/Treasurer

Gloria is a student of the Agricultural University of Viterbo, with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She is fond of mountains and trekking as well as having a passion for animals which she loves raising at her country house. She is an expert horsewoman and has been riding since childhood. She loves to travel and her dream is to pursue a doctorate in the United States.

Fabrizio CeccarigliaCo-founder and Adviser

Fabrizio is a specialized farmer and works at one of the best known farms in Viterbo. Given his profession, he is a connoisseur of the best local food and wine products and their producers. He is a lover of the mountains and trekking and an expert in engines. He has a particular passion for vintage cars, off-road vehicles and street bikes. He is currently engaged in the restoration of a 1967 Vespa 50L (The Italian Dolce Vita icon).

Sigfrido Junior HobelCo-founder and advisor

Sigfrido is a historian, photographer, and video maker with a Master’s Degree in Archeology and History of Art. Originally from Naples, he moved to Tuscia because he was attracted by the archaeological, historical, artistic, and landscape richness of this territory. Passionate about history and archeology, he loves getting lost in woods, ravines and gullies in search of ancient settlements and prestigious sites to document. Founder and CEO of Project Tuscia, he is professionally engaged in the production of videos and images that portray the beauties and suggestions of the historical, artistic, landscape and cultural heritage of Tuscia.

Angelo LandiCo-founder

Angelo has a Master’s Degree in Economics and Commerce from the Luiss University of Rome and is the owner of an accounting company. He loves traveling, sailing cruises, and surrounding himself with many friends. Despite his innumerable commitments, he manages to practice running regularly, participating in several marathons, including the one in New York in 2018. He is on the Board of Directors of Rotary Club of Viterbo and is a member of other local associations and clubs also involved in the social sector.

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